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Who are we and what we do?

In the world where everybody is an expert, we are group of people striving to learn something new and dedicated to make living of our own work.

We are not experts, especially not Internet Marketing (IM) experts, but we know how much we don't know - and that is a lot :)

We try to build relations with other authors and bloggers similar to us and to help each other in making money - there is an IM ocean of money out there and it is enough to dip the finger to get it wet. Or to lose it by some shark swimming around quietly.

Here are few links that we use often - will you use them, it is up to you (and your responsibility, after all). We are not affiliated with any of them. Note: links open in the new window.

- Black Hat World - BHW is not just 'Black Hat', nonetheless, stay away from PBN and similar shady services from Marketing section.

- DuoLingo - learn foreign languages for free.

- Joomla - Wordpress is great, but Joomla is IMHO even better ;)

- Notepad ++ - the best HTML editor around!

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Morpheus: You've never used them before.

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